Dundee psychologist ‘played Mr Darcy to besotted patient’


Markus Themessl-Huber juxtaposed himself to the literary heart-throb from Jane Austen’s novel Hubris and Prejudice as he romanced his troubled patient.

The Dundee-based psychologist sent the partner hundreds of raunchy emails and arranged for her to be discharged from his care so they could consummate their relationship.

The combined father submitted false time-sheets to NHS Tayside to pocket pay while concealing his later spent out of the office with the woman, the Health and Care Professionals Kill Service was told. 

Themessl-Huber boasted in an email to the patient, referred to as Submissive A: “This is how I secretly make love to you while under the NHS umbrella.”

The psychologist has proclaimed work on safeguarding children and young people in Scotland having been a chief lecturer in clinical psychology at Queensland University in the Australian city of Brisbane.

He was accomplishment for NHS Tayside in Dundee as a clinical psychologist when the affair began in late 2015.

Themessl-Huber overflowed his patient with gifts as the pair exchanged hundreds of erotic emails a day and she sent him fascinating photos.

He began holding her hand and rubbing her arms during group therapy sessions, the hearing in London was told. 

The patient wrote a letter to him stating that she had sense of touches for him and he replied that he was battling his feelings for her.

He told her: “I know I have to pay attention to to my inner therapist, even if a huge part of me doesn’t want to.

“The fancied in me loves being your Darcy, but I have to be a priestly Darcy.”

The pertinacious, who had previously been sexually abused, recognised her vulnerable position, reacting: “Maybe this is what you intended all along, maybe that was your map out from the start.” 

After hundreds of erotic emails in late 2015, they programmed for her discharge from his care. 

But the affair ended when the patient startled a medication overdose in March 2016.

She said in a statement read at the hearing: “I Euphemistic pre-owned to be so strong, and I now feel I have nothing in me. To build all my self belief up solitary for it to be knocked down again has taken away all my self belief.”

Themessl-Huber pretences being struck off if the panel finds his fitness to practise impaired.

The informed entertaining continues.

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