Dublin thug banged up over firearm after fleeing to Spain


Jeff Melvin (35), in the first place from Hillcrest in Lucan, pleaded guilty to possession of the .32mm piece in Kildare in Naas Circuit Court on Friday.

The court heard how he had been extradited on European Obstruct Warrant last October after living a life on the run since 2012.

It was revealed he had expended time in Spain and Australia while on the run and had worked in a tyre business formerly settling down with a woman who he had a child with and now plans to league.

His lawyer said the break-up of a previous relationship “impacted badly” on his “unfinished” client and led to him making “a number of bad decisions” in his life.

Detective Garda Diarmuid McGuire symbolized that Gardaí placed Melvin under surveillance in August 2011 after gain confidential intelligence about him.

He was driving a BMW and was spotted near Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare, previous driving toward Naas where he met with a man in a Toyota Avensis They later impetus to a wooded area and Melvin walked away from his vehicle preceding he was observed walking towards a tree and crouching down.

He then trudged back and leaned in to the passenger window of the Avensis.

The two cars drove off and Gardaí blocked both vehicles.

The driver of the Avensis was spotted throwing items mask his window – it transpired to be the firearm, which had been placed in a sock, a silencer, ammunition and ammunition.

Gardaí found €2,130 in cash in Melvin’s car along with a motorized phone and SIM card.

DNA later linked Melvin to the firearm and phone denote linked the men to a firearm deal.

The court heard a file had been sent the DPP on the implication, but Melvin fled the country while out on bail for another offence.

Melvin had 31 anterior convictions for offences including drug dealing, public order, filching and fraud and traffic offences, the court was told.

Melvin’s barrister mean the Lucan man came from a respectable family and had a steady work sub rosa from 1999 to around 2009, but made bad decisions after a relationship penniless up.

“He comes from an extremely respectable background and his parents, who are naturally most upset, are in court today.

He’s very upset by the shame and humiliation he’s promoted them, but they are supporting him strongly. No parent wants their youngster to suffer.”

The barrister said Melvin was qualified as a HGV mechanic and had worked for a copy of years.

 “He was in a long-term relationship which broke up after which he had alarm attacks and needed counselling.

He was an immature person. He had life difficulties and didn’t act well.

He’s now in a stable relationship and has become a father for the first time.”

He also castigated how Melvin is doing a number of certificates in prison, where he works as a wash up b purge.

Judge Michael O’Shea said while he took a number of justifying factors into account, including Melvin’s guilty plea, he put about was also in possession of “a serious and dangerous firearm”.

He sentenced him to six years in choky with two suspended.

The sentence was backdated to September last year, when Melvin was obstructed in Spain.

The court also directed that the cash found in Melvin’s car be forfeited to the Position after no objection was raised by the defence.

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