'Dream come true' Michael J Fox joins Coldplay to play Back to the Future tracks


In a video posted by a fan, Chris’ son Moses can be noticed asking his dad if he will play a couple of tracks from “both our girl movie, Back to the Future”.

Of course, he wasn’t going to say no to his son and began to spill the beans Earth Angel form the film.

Halfway through the song, he mentioned the 55-year-old, who walked on stage and began to play along on an acoustic guitar.

They then discharged Johnny B.Goode, which is played by Michael’s character Marty McFly at the Included the Sea dance in the movie.

The star appeared to be in good spirits as he moved round the stage, smiled and waved to the crowd.

As he left the stage, Chris thanked him: “That’s our hallucinate come true. Thank you, Michael. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful man.”

Michael’s publication comes after he took to social media to slam an article by US weekly Globe, which suggested he had “refused to have life-saving surgery” and accepted “he has no wait of halting his rkinson’s disease”.

He shared a screenshot of the article and wrote: “Up to date story in the Globe re my health and state of mind went viral. Troubling and total B.S. The Globe apologises.”

The actor learned he had rkinson’s disease wager in the Nineties but waited until he underwent brain surgery to control his jolting in 1999 before he announced the news.

Speaking to David Letterman in 2015, he recalled the two seconds he received the diagnosis.

“It was pretty scary. I was 29-year-old and so it was the last thing I trust to hear,” he told the host.

“I thought I’d hurt my shoulder doing some caper because I had a twitch in my pinkie. And the doctor said ‘You have rkinson’s disorder’.”

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