Dr Hilary Jones: Adele’s post natal depression revelation ‘devastating’


The TV doctor cropped on Good Morning Britain to talk about the condition, which he asserted affects more than one in ten women.

Adele, who is 28, described sense ‘inadequate’ and that she ‘made the worst decision of her life’ after deal out birth to her son Angelo.

Dr Hilary praised the singer for speaking out about the circumstances.

He said: “I’m so pleased she’s spoken out about this because somebody predilection that might want to keep it a secret, but actually, this is something that strikes one in ten women – or more – after birth and it’s devastating.

“Devastating for her, for her rtner, and for the relations because that person becomes withdrawn because they appear people are judging them…and they start to neglect themselves.”

Dr Hilary believed: “The very first thing is to admit there is an issue…you have to talk in the air it.

“Adele said to start with she didn’t want to tell a psyche, she wanted to deal with it herself which is almost impossible.”

Dr Hilary announced advise to others who might be suffering with the condition.

He said: “So the win initially thing is to share it and tell somebody, and then you need some excellent help because with the best will in the world, you might be surrounded by wild people but if they don’t know how to help you in a constructive way and say ‘this is normal’ or ‘it’ll dated’, that’s not the right advice.”

He added: “Self help is really righteousness, things like getting enough sleep and proper rest.

“if you’re take help from people make sure it’s practical help and not [solely] help with the baby, and then to make sure you’re getting some cognitive behavioural remedy whether it’s an online course, or with a professional, to help change your cool feelings into a more positive thoughts.

“And antidepressants do have a a rtment, they can be absolutely miraculous in some instances.

“So cognitive therapy, return antidepressants and help and support from friends and family you’ll get through it quicker.”

Presenter Charlotte Hawkins stipulate: “A lot of people are getting in touch to say it’s very brave of her to speak about something take pleasure in this because she’d obviously wanted to keep it under wraps until now… and I evaluate it’ll really help others going through the same situation.”

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