Dozens of Post Office branches to be moved into WHSmith stores


The pretended Crown offices are usually sited on high streets, but now up to 61 thinks fitting be moved into WHSmith stores.

Around 300 Crown offices stay put after 107 were transferred to the retailer over the st decade.

Duty Office chief executive ula Vennells said: “We comprehend that people place huge importance on the presence of a Post Backup branch on their high street.

“Our collaboration with WHSmith wishes help to secure this, as well as bring new investment into the network.”

The Pin Office announced a new 10-year agreement with WHSmith to relocate innumerable branches into the retailer’s stores, which it said would provide for services on high streets.

Just over half of the branches fluctuating over are expected to be concession agreements run directly by the Post Office.

The arrangements will include some of the 39 directly run Crown branches that the Strut Office announced proposals to franchise in January, but locations are yet to be confirmed.

Roger Outburst, general manager of the Post Office’s Crown branch network, revealed WHSmith franchises had improved customer service and brought benefits, with myriad open Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

He said: “The vast lions share of the Post Office’s network of 11,500 Post Office branches is already run on a franchise or activity basis.

“Crown branches are still run by directly by the Post Office but considerations such as high property costs and changing customer habits wretched we have to consider new ways to provide our services in some locations.

“Today’s ahead means we can maintain and improve services from convenient high drive locations in a commercially sustainable way.

“It’s great to be working with a rtner that we recognize shares our values and is as committed to thriving Post Office branches.”

Mr Tempest added that staff affected by the new agreement will be informed ahead about plans for their own branches when these are finalised.

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