Dow rises 180 as Trump DUMPS Tillerson as Secretary of State


The Dow Jones Industrial Mean has risen 180 points, or 0.7 percent, at 25,355 after new details points to US inflation remaining modest.

The news that Secretary of Official Rex Tillerson will be sacked and replaced by current director the Central Cleverness Agency, Mike Pompeo has yet to affect the markets but a senior White Building official told Reuters that Tillerson’s departure was a result of the President’s arranges to install a new team ahead of planned talks with North Korean czar Kim Jong-un later this year.

US President Donald Trump set off Tillerson on Tuesday after a series of public rifts over sons including North Korea and Russia.

President Trump has moved another loyalist into the Whitehouse by supplanting his chief diplomat with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

US futures initially hew down on the news, but recovered all of the losses and moving north.

David Kotok, chairman Of well-heeled management firm Cumberland Advisors told CNBC: “I don’t think Tillerson out and his replacement is a trauma to the market that lasts very much at all. The turnover in the Trump furnishing is so high.”

The news comes just a week after the departure of Trump’s financial adviser Gary Cohn in the wake of a surprise turn towards new truck tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump also said he was considering right-winger commentator Larry Kudlow “very strongly” to become his next top monetary adviser.

More to follow…

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