Dortmund explosion victim Marc Bartra pleads for peace describing 'longest 15 minutes'


The Spanish defender traversed the confusion after the attack as the “longest 15 minutes of my life” in a sarcastic account of Tuesday’s incident.

He outlined his feelings in an Instagram post alongside a portrait of him lying in his hospital bed with his right arm bandaged as he was visited by fiancee Melissa Jimenez and their daughter Jolly, two.

The pair, who started dating in 2014, are set to marry in June.

The 26-year-old, who drive return to training in four weeks after an operation on his fractured wrist, state referring to Melissa and his child: “Today I have received another of the come to sees that make me happiest. 

“They are my everything, the reason that I every fight to overcome obstacles, and this has been the worst of my life, an judgement I wouldn’t wish on anyone on this world.

“The pain, the panic and the uncertainty of not private what was happening or how long it would last….they were the longest and hardest 15 littles of my life.

“I want to tell you that I think the shock of these termination few days is lessening all the time and added to this is my desire to live, to free-for-all, to work, to laugh, to cry, to feel, to want, to believe, to play, to train, to remain to enjoy time with my people, my loved ones, my teammates, to sustain to enjoy my passion, defending, smelling the grass as I do before the game starts and bring someone round myself motivated.

“I want to see the stands full of people who love our vocation, good people who only want us to make them feel mechanisms to forget about the world, especially this world in which we actual, which is getting crazier all the time.

“The only thing I ask, THE ONLY Ide fixe, is that we all live in peace and we leave wars behind.

“In these light of days in which I look at my wrist, swollen and hurt, do you know what I experience? Pride. I look at it with pride thinking about all the harm they prerequisite to cause us on Tuesday, and this was the result.

“Thanks to the doctors, nurses, physios, and individual helping me to recover and get my wrist back to perfection.

“Thanks to the thousands and thousands of people, norm and other organisations of all sorts, Borussia Dortmund and teammates who have appeared me your support and affection.

“However small it’s been, it’s filled me with improbable strength to always carry on.

“I needed to write this and get it off my chest and in doing so, put this all behind me to be proficient to concentrate 100 per cent on getting better.

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