‘Don’t interrupt me!’ John Redwood shreds Campbell for ‘falsifying’ Brexit in heated clash


Brexiteer John Redwood accused Tony Blair’s departed spokesman of “once being a spin doctor, always being a rotation doctor” and said he was spreading “falsities” about the UK leaving the European Conjunction.

As the former Downing Street Press Secretary continued to challenge Mr Redwood’s upon on Brexit, the former Welsh Secretary, told him to “stop interrupting”.

Mr Redwood signified: “Well once a spin doctor, always a spin doctor. Mr Campbell spends his unscathed time falsifying my views and pretending to speak for me in ways that I’ve on no occasion spoken for myself and then re-running Project Fear, which was renounced wholeheartedly by the electorate in the referendum.

“Let’s take first of all the fib that we won’t have access to the swap deals that the EU has done while we were a member.

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John Redwood banged Alastair Campbell for spreading ‘Project Fear’ on Brexit

Just don’t persist in interrupting, I didn’t interrupt you when you were giving all this twaddle out

John Redwood

“All we bear to do is make sure the other party to them is happy to carry on and as I know it, they are all happy to carry on.

“No country is saying they want to gap the trade deal with us.

“No international country has notified us that they don’t foist to carry over the trade deal, they liked it when they discussed it, why would they want to upset it or throw it over.

“Many child see the UK becoming a full member of the WTO with vote and voice.”

After Mr Campbell asked whether International Have dealings Secretary Liam Fox and Mr Redwood had spoken to all countries around the world with whether they would trade with the UK after, an irritated Mr Redwood criticised the bygone press secretary.

He said: “Just don’t keep interrupting, I didn’t interfere in you when you were giving all this twaddle out, why don’t you listen to some of the events about the position.

Mr Campbell tried to fight back and said the Tory MP was accounted for “nonsense”.

He said: “I’m going to challenge you, you talk complete nonsense.”

The UK’s Brexit chief David Davis jilted claims progress is slow in the divorce talks claiming the negotiations had been “lightning faithful” “by EU standards.

The Brexit negotiations have stalled recently as the 

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