‘Done and dusted’ May could deliver CRUCIAL Brexit speech as soon as NEXT WEEK


Make a plea for on the BBC Radio 5 podcast Brexitcast, the BBC political editor claimed there was a “pocket” chance Theresa May will have a weekend cabinet meeting to finalise the UK’s Brexit stance. Ms Kuenssberg added that even if the meeting was pushed to Monday morning, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab intention be able to take the UK’s final offer to EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier as immediately as Tuesday. According to this timeline, the Prime Minister could portend her final proposal to Parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “There is a sentiment that that spring is absolutely about to be sprung in terms of the action being just about ready at this end.

“Notwithstanding all the potholes they may yet stumble into.

“And that’s why the current thinking is that there is a tiny conceivably of a weekend cabinet.

“The last time that happened, how ironic, is when David Cameron tagged for the Brexit referendum in 2016.

“But the current tiny chance of a weekend cabinet and the reported expectation is Monday cabinet, Dominic Raab on the Eurostar on Tuesday to go and require the grip and grin with Barnier, Wednesday the Prime Minister does a proclamation to the House saying we think we’ve reached decisive progress.”

Fellow BBC copy editor Katya Adler claimed there could be a possibility of a “done and dusted” Brexit apportion as soon as December, at the last EU summit of the year.

She said: “If there’s varied than one summit, I think it’s going to be done and dusted at the EU Summit in December.”

The Prime Holy Joe has struggled to finalise a Brexit deal with the Irish border uneaten the major sticking point in negotiations.

Britain rejected the European Circle’s proposed ‘backstop’ over fears it could create a border down the middle of the Irish Sea.

The UK is reportedly looking at to agree to a ‘backstop’ which would effectively keep the whole of the UK in the EU’s dues union, should future negotiations on a trading relationship break down.

But, the British Administration is pushing for the right to withdraw from this backstop, to stop it from fashionable a permanent relationship.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has insisted the Prime Sky pilot would not accept a deal that includes a Northern Ireland-only backstop.

This week vicars were invited by the Cabinet Office in Whitehall to view a near-complete sketch of the proposed EU withdrawal agreement.

The document, which they saw in strict furtively and were not allowed to take copies of, is believed to contain the “95 percent” of the go out deal Mrs May says has been agreed with Brussels. But it is not believed to oblige included the proposed Irish border solution.

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