Donald Trump's 'bromance' with Vladimir Putin 'benefits EVERYONE', consultant says


Dr Jan Halper-Hayes broke the President “sees Putin for who he is” but insisted the billionaire tycoon saw building goes with Russia as an “advantage to the entire world”.

She said despite a willingness to get someone all steamed with Mr Putin the US would “put our feet down” if it needs to over accusations of electoral hacking.

The Republican commentator told Sky News: “I think the way the road made a bromance out of any positive comment Trump made about Putin – Trump in fact believes that the US has not gotten along with Russia for too many years.

“And he thinks it’ll be an benefit to the entire world, as well as to Russia and the United States, if in fact we do get along.”

The ex- vice president of Republicans Overseas said Mr Trump was waiting for “authentic evidence” before making a judgement on relations with Russia.

“There is successful to be an investigation to see if Russia did any meddling into our election,” she said. “I’m sure with all the fraudulent news going on, probably, but the thing is we haven’t had concrete evidence yet.

“And so we are prosperous to be firm with them. Donald Trump has been very present that he sees Putin for who he is but he still says if we can get along then it serves all and sundry.

“Once we have the evidence, don’t worry, we’ll make them accountable, Trump devise make them accountable… if we need to put our foot down then we’ll put our foot down.”

Dr Halper-Hayes then converse about Vice President Mike Pence’s speech on Nato, in which he invoked America’s support for the organisation “unwavering”.

She also welcomed US Defence Secretary James Mattis approving Nato as a “fundamental bedrock” of trans-Atlantic relations despite Mr Trump formerly branding it “obsolete”.

“The issue for Trump is 27 of the nations don’t contribute anything and that is what pests him,” the commentator added.

“And as long as they’re going to start being coequal members then our commitment with our troops, with our finances intention be there strongly.”

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