Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: What next…


Republican billionaire Trump and Republican former first lady Clinton are now expected to win their rty’s nominations for the presidential contest.

But what betides next in America’s complex nine-month cam ign process?

Elections in states and areas: Until mid-June 2016

A series of elections, known as primaries and caucuses, intent have taken place in every one of the 50 US states, plus American tracts, by mid-June 2016.

The contests will decide which hopefuls become the authorized presidential candidates for the country’s two main rties: the Republicans and Democrats.

Primaries associate with people voting in ballots and caucuses are meetings where voters bring about decisions. Based on results so far, Trump and Clinton appear on track to win this level of the cam ign.

rty conventions: July 2016

During primaries and caucuses, voters restrictive delegates – rty members from the state who pledge to endorse a presidential possibility at national rty conventions.

In order to become the rty’s nominee for president, office-seekers therefore need to win the largest number of delegates during the state-level battles.

Republican candidates need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination, while Egalitarian candidates need 2,383 delegates. The Republican convention is between July 18 and July 21 and Republican convention is between July 25 and 28.

Election Day: November 2016

After the presidential appointees are confirmed at the national rty conventions, the race becomes firmly concentrated on America’s election on November 8 2016.

On election day itself, voters will chose presidential electors who in bring to light d increase elect the new US president through the Electoral College.

New president enters the Stainless House: January 2017

The winner of the presidential election will be announced by the deficiency president of the US on January 5 2017. The new president will finally be inaugurated on January 20.

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