Donald Trump claims Clinton will ABOLISH guns in latest attack on White House rival


The unsubtle White House hopeful went on to accuse Democrat rival Hillary Clinton of shy of to weaken gun rights.

The presumptive nominee picked up the official endorsement of the intense National Rifle Association (NRA), which boats more than four million colleagues.

And his comments at the NRA’s national convention yesterday could make him a favourite for conservatives who see safeguarding their gun rights as a top priority.

Clinton, who is on the cusp of winning the Democratic nomination, has pledged to beat back the gun lobby and ex nd gun control measures.

But Trump claimed she longings to “abolish” the Second Amendment, which gives Americans the right to imprison and bear arms.

He said: “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Back Amendment, not change it; she wants to abolish it.”

But an official from Mrs Clinton’s competition dismissed Trump’s comments, branding them “conspiracy theories”.

She articulate Clinton believes there are “common-sense steps to keep guns out of the around the corner hand in hands of criminals” while protecting the Second Amendment.

The New York billionaire’s NRA diction was another step in his drive to make more conservatives comfortable with his candidacy.

Uncountable conservatives – including supporters of Ted Cruz, who quit the race last month – bother Trump secretly holds liberal views on many issues.

But Chris Cox of NRA’s Introduce for Legislative Action said it was time for them to shrug off their be connected withs and back Trump.

Mr Cox said: “If your preferred candidate is out of the racetrack, it’s time to get over it.

Are there valid arguments in favour of some terminated others? Sure. Will any of it matter if Hillary wins in November? Not one bit.”

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