Domino’s bean counter quits after less than two years in the job


Rachel Osborne, a whilom Vodafone and John Lewis executive who took home pay of £584,000 in 2017, port side after serving less than two years in the role on Monday by requited agreement saying: “I’ve very much enjoyed my time and look well-developed to pursuing other career opportunities.”

Her predecessors Paul Doughty and Sean Wilkins lasted five months and 14 months severally.

Broker Liberum said: “We question whether there is an internal cultural issuance, whether she cannot see a path to maximising her remuneration scheme or other streams?

“Whatever the answer is, it does not look good and begs corporate governance inquiries.”

Berenberg analysts said: “This appears to be a fairly abrupt departure with fixed explanation for a CFO that has only been with the company since October 2016.”

Chairman Stephen Hemsley judged: “We are grateful for Rachel’s hard work and commitment in helping Domino’s to last its strong growth.” he said.

According to Domino’s annual report, Maid Osborne had a six-month notice period and is due to receive basic salary, betters and pension for that period.

“The group will honour the terms of her agree,” a spokesman for Domino’s said.

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