Domestic abuse adviser beat up wife for talking during the football and only fined £100


David Bird, 55, dis tched the violent attack after wife Nichola interrupted him as he watched Wales fall out of the Euro football championships.

He threw a glass of cider in her face before plug, headbutting and strangling her during a sustained 30-minute assault.

His wife of 18 months feared she would be assassinated, yet after pleading guilty to assault Bird was fined just £100 by magistrates.

He has now been put from his job at Hull City Council, which involves working with private abuse victims and other vulnerable people.

Following his arrest he was initially acknowledged to return to work but the authority yesterday announced he was suspended from his ca city last month.

Bird erupted in fury as his wife attempted to talk to him while Wales lost 2-0 in the semi-final to Portugal on July 6.

Mrs Bird, 31, voted: “He was watching the match and was drunk.

“We just didn’t talk any more and when it was half-time I went in and straight asked him, ‘Do you still love me, are we OK?’

“He just swore at me and chucked a pint at my appear before, slapped me across the face and I fell to the floor.

“I went into the garden and he dilly-dallied me all around it. He put me up against the wall and he was head-butting me and strangling me.

“He was throwing me against instil pots, the wall, everything, and just kept on hitting me. He was like a crazed uncultivated.

“It was awful. I thought he was going to kill me.

“I was black and blue afterwards. I had marks and bruises all over and across my neck from when he was strangling me.”

Mrs Bird, who has a teenage son from a aforementioned relationship, says as police dragged her husband away he warned her not to be there when he gave, prompting her to ck her bags and flee.

She is now in temporary accommodation while her retain remains at their £118,000 three-bedroom family home.

She added: “It’s striking that someone can do that and just receive a £100 fine. No sight people go back to their abusive rtners when things much the same as this happen and they only get a fine. There is no justice.”

Polly Neate, chief leader of Women’s Aid, said: “A £100 fine for a serious and sustained assault is an libel to this brave survivor. Abusive men need to feel the consequences of their movements, £100 is no deterrent or punishment.

“The handling of this case is a disgrace and could dissuade other women from disclosing domestic abuse.”

A Hull Borough Council spokesman said: “We take our responsibilities to support vulnerable individual very seriously. We also have a duty of care to our employees and we forced to act within the council’s procedures.

“As soon as the council was made aware of the persuasion of one of its employees we took action in line with our employment processes.

“Mr Bird has been comprised in precautionary suspension from his role since August and will stay put so while a full investigation is undertaken.

“We are unable to comment further while this search is under way.”

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