Doctor at centre of Sir Mo Farah controversy summoned to give evidence to MPs


A leaked research from the United States Anti-Doping Agency revealed the four-time Olympic stand up for received an infusion of L-Carnitine, administered by Dr Robin Chakraverty on the instruction of Mo Farah’s American exercise Alberto Salazar, before the race in 2014.

Chakraverty is the former UK Athletics doctor who now elaborates with the England football team.

He has been summoned to appear rather than the Culture, Media and Sport committee on April 19 as part of its growing probe into doping in sport.

MPs have also asked to utter in with UKA’s head of endurance Barry Fudge, who works closely with Farah and Dr John Rogers, a medic for the British athletics line-up who reportedly raised concerns about Salazar’s methods.

The USADA divulge describes some of Salazar’s techniques as “potentially unlawful” and alleges that Salazar sang six leading American runners intravenous drip infusions which “on the brink of certainly” broke anti-doping rules.

It has been reported USADA has been powerless to ascertain if the infusion given to Farah was legal or not because UKA failed to aptly record the amount infused.

L-carnitine is legal provided it is not infused in a measure greater than 50 millilitres every six hours.

UKA has strongly recanted breaking any rules. It has also said it has provided information to USADA far Farah’s infusion, “including the specific measurement”, and has not been asked by the American energy or any other anti-doping authority to clarify that information.

Salazar and Farah press both strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

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