‘Do you want Brexit to FAIL?’ Fury after SNP MP claims UK will not better off outside EU


Angus MacNeil was put on the speckle but said British voters would see Brexit in a “very different torch” once the UK’s “empire dream vanished”.

Speaking on RT, the chair of the UK’s International Vocation Committee, said Britain could not get a better deal than it currently has favoured the European Union.

He said: “Theresa May’s rhetoric of her looking for the best arrangement for Britain of course overlooks the fact that the United Kingdom currently has the best lot possible that it could have.

“It’s got no trade barriers at all with the European Confederacy 27, which it will have after it leaves the European Cartel.


SNP MP Angus MacNeil was put on the spot over whether he wanted Brexit to away

I think once the empire dream of the UK, once that vanishes and be discharged c occurs, perhaps Brexit will be seen in a very, very different slight

Angus MacNeil

“It also raises the question of exactly what is the strategy in Ireland and it looks like the UK will be imposing, or helping to impose, a dogged border across the island of Ireland.

“The number of areas of rhetoric that the Prime Curate has, whether it’s the best deal or no border in Ireland, actually seem selfsame hollow when they’re put to the cold light of day.”

Asked if he wanted Brexit to abandon, Mr MacNeil added leaving the EU would be seen in a “very different burn” in future and would “raise trade barriers”.

He said: “The exercise of Brexit, far from being an effect in free trade, is an exercise in the very opposite of that.

“Brexit is increasing trade barriers, Brexit is making it sundry difficult for people, for commerce and for prosperity to occur in years to come.

“I conceive of once the empire dream of the UK, once that vanishes and goes, it is possible that Brexit will be seen in a very, very different light.

“I ruminate over more people are waking up to what Brexit actually means, it means the collect of trade barriers.”

David Davis has confirmed Parliament will be suffering with a vote on the final Brexit deal before Britain leaves the EU.

Emitting a statement before Parliament this afternoon, the Brexit Secretary accredited the Government intends to give MPs a say on our departure from the EU.

But if they reject the negotiation the Government strikes with the EU, Britain will instead leave the bloc with no reckon with, he confirmed.

Mr Davis said: “Parliament will be given time to ponder over, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement we strike with the European Compatibility.

“This agreement will only hold if parliament approves it.

“This desire include the contents of the Withdrawal Agreement, that includes issues such as an bargain on citizens’ rights, any financial agreements, and agreements on an implementation period by both sides.”

MPs devise therefore 

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