Do you use parent and child spaces? THIS could land you with a parking fine


Parent and Child parking spacesGETTY

Profuse supermarkets have parent and child parking spaces

One in ten Brits receive to parking in a parent-and-child bay even when they do not have a child in the car because they are not startled of getting punished.

The ‘offence’ is not illegal but hundreds of supermarkets and businesses take advantage of their own hefty fines to dissuade ‘lazy’ shoppers from using the spaces without children.

But as so many motorists continue to flout the governs, it has prompted calls for a strict crackdown and the introduction of an on-the-spot £25 satisfying.

And a survey by found 10 per cent of motorists would round back a temporary ban from the supermarket for repeat offenders.

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One in ten Brits admit to parking in a parent-and-child bay

Harrison Woods, superintending director at, said: “Parent-and-child parking at supermarkets is a hot topic and oftentimes creates strong opinion, as demonstrated by our survey results which played most people want some sort of punishment for motorists who use supermarket parent-and-child parking berths when they shouldn’t be.”

Currently the rules on parking in parent and sprog spaces are confusing and differ wildly across the country. 

A spokesman for the AA thought: “Some supermarkets already fine drivers who abuse mother and spoil parking spaces.

“The problem is where enforcement isn’t done by a human but cameras. There extremities to be the presence of a warden to act as a physical deterrent, with the discretion to give a caveat.

“Many people would see the substance in reducing the age limit as 12 year olds should be able to accompany across a car park.

“However, the upper age limit probably reflects the law on use of son restraints – with few exceptions, all children under 12 years and lower than drunk 135cm tall must use an appropriate child restraint when restless in any car or goods vehicle.”

The parameters and the boundaries of the law are somewhat unclear however as one motorists initiate out. 

A heavily pregnant woman was recently fined £70 for using a old man and child bay at Asda because she ‘wasn’t a parent yet.’

Currently the rules on parking in parent and child spaces are confusingGETTY

Currently the decisions on parking in parent and child spaces are confusing

The 23-year-old was shocked to windfall a parking ticket on her window.

After tracking down the attendant she was helping hand a ticket. 

She said: “I found the parking attendant and his manager to question the settling.

“He was incredibly rude and told me I did’nt count as a parent yet.”

A spokesman for Asda said: “Our disclaimers do have the child must be with you in the car to warrant parking in the mother and baby set outs, which is why the lady received a ticket.”

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