‘Do not interrupt me!’ Redwood delivers SHARP reply during Brexit spat with Labour MP


John Redwood snapped at the Sweat MP, Rupa Huq, and told her to not interrupt him as he spoke during a Brexit debate.

The double were discussing the implications of the UK leaving the EU with no-deal, before the Brexit Secretary abstracted Britain’s no-deal preparation during a key speech later on Thursday.

Talk to on Good Morning Britain, Redwood said: “A lot of people can’t understand the hold off. They say to the Government, rightly, get on with it.

“If the EU doesn’t want to do a free craft deal then we can trade perfectly well under World Truck Organisation rules.”

Labour MP Ms Huq then attempted to interrupt the Conservative MP sparking a swift effect from the Brexiteer.

Mr Redwood replied: “I didn’t interrupt you because I wasn’t allowed to, so wishes you please not interrupt me?

“We will trade under those terms, we recognize exactly how they work because that’s how we do the bulk of our trade today.

“There is no difficulty in importing things from China or America, huge quantities from China, they get to when we want them, they are not delayed at our ports.

“So why should there be any down or problems if we import materials from Germany and France on the same footing that we currently import from China and America.”

The debate employed place before Dominic Raab outlined how the UK is preparing to leave the European Fraternity without a deal.

During an interview on BBC’s Today programme on Thursday morning, the Brexit Secretary boated a scathing attack on the «dwindling» supporters of Project Fear.

Speaking onwards of his key speech, he said: “There is an irony in this debate because some of those furthering the worst scare stories around no deal, making the case at the eleventh hour to holler off Brexit, are relying on the fact that they say or they assume the EU settle upon behave in a vindictive way.

Brexit news: John Redwood clashed with Rupa Huq during a frenzied Brexit debate on GMB (Image: ITV)

I didn’t interrupt you because I wasn’t budgeted to, so will you please not interrupt me?

John Redwood

“I fear that’s the Achille’s cad of the latest incarnation of Project Fear by admittedly a rather small and dwindling thousand of those trying to frustrate Brexit.”

During his speech, he said: “To be sure we have to got to consider the alternative possibility, that the EU does not match our desire and pragmatism, and we do not reach a deal.

“Let me be clear about this. This is not what we desire. And it’s not what we expect. But, we must be ready.

“We have a duty, as a responsible control, to plan for every eventuality.”

The Brexit Secretary explained during his philippic that there is already planning talks between the Bank of England and the European Inside Bank for a no-deal scenario and called for talks to begin on data screen and between port authorities.

Under current plans, the reports wish be published in batches, starting on Thursday and running through September.

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