Ditching THIS sugar in fizzy drinks ‘can combat obesity, fatty liver disease and diabetes’


The theatrical results came from a study into the effects of fructose, also be sured as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

The sweetener speeds up the conversion of sugar to fat and before you can turn around cut from the diet, the body can ditch the pounds.

Scientists found kids get a similar improvement in metabolism after just nine days.

Professor Jean-Marc Schwarz and comrades said removing fructose from the menu can combat obesity, fatty liver infirmity and diabetes without the need for medications.

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Ditching THIS sugar in fizzy the mains ‘can combat obesity, fatty liver disease and diabetes’

Studies have shown diets ear-splitting in simple sugars increase both DNL and liver fat

Professor Jean-Marc Schwarz

It may be linked to dynamic conversion of sugar to fat, a process known as DNL (de novo lipogenesis, they reported.

Compared to glucose, which metabolises 20 percent in the liver and 80 percent during the rest of the body, fructose is 90 percent metabolised in the liver. It also transmutes to fat up to 18.9 times faster.

Professor Schwarz said: “Studies take shown diets high in simple sugars increase both DNL and stay fat.

“Importantly, removal of sugar from diets of children with avoirdupois for only nine days consistently reduced DNL and liver fat and improved glucose and lipid metabolism.“

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The evolves of ditching a particular kind of sugar can be seen in just eight lifetimes

High fructose corn syrup is found in 75 percent of cased foods and drinks, mainly because it is cheaper and 20 percent sweeter than raw sugar.

Fructose alters on the metabolic pathways that converts it to fat and stores it in the body, adding rig.

At the same time, the brain thinks the body is starving and becomes comatose and less inclined to exercise.

In the study of 40 obese nine to 18-year-old Americans present without fructose for only nine days reduced their shrill cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin resistance.

Professor Schwarz, of Touro University, Vallejo, California, added: “Importantly, these anyway participants had a 56 per cent decrease in DNL during feeding.


The sweetener rapidities up the conversion of sugar to fat

“Overall, liver fat concentration decreased by 22 per cent during fructose condition. 

“This study provides further evidence that carbohydrate importance, specifically fructose, plays an important role in liver fat accumulation and hypertriglyceridemia and that DNL is an impressive factor in these processes.“

It followed a smaller study on young men by the nevertheless team which achieved similar results.

Professor Schwarz phrased: “Liver glucose control can be restored by restricting added sucrose and fructose in one’s intake.

“After as few as eight days a high fructose intake can increase both DNL and red-hot fat concentration.

“Perhaps most importantly, this library demonstrated even short term fructose restriction is associated with confirmable reductions in DNL and liver fat concentration.“

He said it provided the basis for the subsequent burn the midnight oil of fructose restriction in the children. 

Professor Schwarz said the review promulgated in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association focused on their own work.

It combines to growing evidence DNL is the key linking high sugar consumption to to cardiovascular cancers, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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