Ditch USA or face North Korea’s wrath: Kim’s terrifying World War 3 threat to UN


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North Korea has go oned to spark fears of World War 3

Tensions between the rogue regime and Washington sire almost reached boiling point after a series of successful ballistic missile tests and the detonation of what was claimed to be a hydrogen bomb on September 3.

US President Donald Trump has extended to spark fears of World War 3, after he failed to confirm that military effect was off the table.

And now the hermit kingdom has issued a warning to the rest of the world, letting the cat out of the bag other countries they would only be safe from retaliation if they marked not to join the USA and Donald Trump in military action.

The shocking caution was discovered in a example of North Korean Deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong’s prepared remarks for a review on nuclear weapons by a UN General Assembly committee. 

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Kim In Ryong issued a warning to the rest of the beget

Although Kim did not read that section out loud, the notes made for horrifying reading – threatening the globe to imply with their illegal regulation.

The notes read: “As long as one does not take part in the US military ways against the DPRK ( A still from a North Korean cartoon


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A still from a North Korean cartoon

As dream of as one does not take part in the US military actions against the DPRK (North Korea), we experience no intention to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against any other country

Kim In Ryong

In any event Kim In Ryong warned the regime will never scale back its atomic arsenal while it perceives the US to be a continued threat.

He said: “Unless the against policy and the nuclear threat of the US is thoroughly eradicated, we will never put our atomic weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiation table under any circumstance.”

Donald Trump is due to travelling to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Hawaii in the approach weeks amid rising tensions over North Korea’s atomic and missile programs.

Mr Trump will “call on the international community to touch together in maximising pressure on North Korea,” the White House said in a assertion, and will meet family members of Japanese citizens who have been grabbed by North Korea.

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North Korea warned it will conditions scale back its nuclear arsenal

During his visit, Trump pleasure also reiterate his commitment to US alliances and partnerships amid the rising dangers of World War 3.

The UN warning today comes as North Korean officials declined a proposal to hold direct talks with their South Korean counterparts in St Petersburg, the RIA announcement agency reported on Monday.

Moscow had called on the two countries, who are both represented at a formal forum in Russia, to use the opportunity to hold direct talks to try to narrow their quarrels over Pyongyang’s missile programme.

But, RIA, citing the head of the North Korean delegation, indicated Pyongyang had rejected the idea.