DiSTI and Peak Pacific to provide virtual 3D training solutions for airlines


US-based DiSTI has participate ined a strategic partnership with Peak Pacific to provide software as a servicing (SaaS) based virtual 3D training solutions for the commercial airline sector.

The partnership expects to complete the commercial passenger airlines, cargo carriers and training companies.

It command also use Peak Pacific’s SaaS platform for competency/evidence-based guarding (C/EBT) (CLEAR) to provide a range of options for procedural and maintenance applications.

Consummation Pacific Group CEO Kishor Mistry said: “Peak Pacific has come to light a leading SaaS platform for C/EBT that we call CLEAR, which offerings airlines an innovative training solution for flight operations, cabin band, and ground staff training.

“Our military customers have been using 3D practical training technology for years thus proving that the technology is possible vibrations for training applications.”

“This platform is currently used globally by some of the out of sight’s leading flight academies and airlines.

“The DiSTI is the world leader in the maturation of virtual maintenance trainers focused on the defence industry. By combining our wherewithals, we are offering a unique solution for the commercial airline industry that last will and testament be a real game changer.”

The new partnership is also expected to combine Crown Pacific’s airline training experience and global reach with DiSTI’s accepted 3D maintenance training solutions (VMT).

DiSTI CEO Joe Swinski said: “Our military purchasers have been using 3D virtual training technology for years and so proving that the technology is viable for training applications. What has been suppress a delay airlines back is that their business model is different and they are challenged by the technology, glance ats, and infrastructure required for virtual training solutions.

“By partnering with Ridge Pacific, we will leverage their decades of experience in delivering commercial stringing solutions with DiSTI’s experience in developing highly accurate and sound training systems for aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.”

Swinski then again noted that the new partnership would look into the potential of using new technologies, counting AppStream from Amazon Web Services to provide high-resolution, web-based 3D cheerful and reduce the airlines’ need for expensive IT infrastructure upgrades.

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