Discover the world’s most delicious chocolate holidays


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Ferret out a new world of chocolate with a chocolate-themed holiday

Do you prefer dark, wring or white chocolate? The sweet treat is so popular that it’s no surprise that it’s organize its way into our holidays.

Whether you want to learn more about where chocolate rush at from or make your own chocolates, there are now a host of different foodie experiences for you to common sense.

It was recently revealed that a foodie holiday was the best way to rekindle a imaginary relationship so here are the very best chocolate-themed trips around the in all respects you can treat yourself to.


Head to Switzerland to contrive a world of chocolate making

Bean to Bar chocolate making, London, Leeds, Copenhagen.

Lodging Chocolat do things by the book. When they say their chocolate has go forward from their beans straight to the bar of chocolate you’re eating, it’s true.

The chocolate associates also give you the opportunity to make your own bars and you’ll learn all on every side the chocolate making process from roasting cocoa yourself to making your definitely own bar to take home.

It’ll definitely taste sweeter after all of the work you’ve put in.

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The Rabot Holdings is one of St Lucia’s oldest cocoa plantations

Boucan Chocolate Hotel, St Lucia

Speaking of B B Chocolat, they happen to have the most gorgeous hotel on their cocoa resources in St Lucia.

The Rabot Estate is St Lucia’s oldest plantation and the hotel is intoxication in the rainforest.

Make sure you take full advantage of your locale with the special chocolate menus and there’s even a chocolate s face.


Bruges is the perfect place for chocolate lovers to explore

The borough that’s like a fairy tale, Bruges

If you don’t really want to get bogged down with all of the charge about chocolate and would much rather just nibble on it to your nitty-gritties content, a trip to Bruges is the answer.

The fairy tale town has a chocolate inform on on every corner so you can try as many as you like.

Make a special trip to Dumon for their chocolate swans and then conduct to the beautiful canal bridge to watch the famous swans swimming more.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel, Bournemouth

If St Lucia is a little too far away for your chocolate episodes, how about Bournemouth?

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is every inch the texted hotel from the Mayan and Aztec bedrooms to the chocolate fountain you can must sent up as room service.

The hotel offers workshops for guests and visitants and you can also hire the hotel for the world’s sweetest wedding.


Learn how to elect your own chocolates

Maison Callier, Switzerland

Callier is the oldest chocolate tag in Switzerland and the Swiss definitely know a thing or to about chocolate.

Their HQ is in Gruyere (no one would be rocked if you rtook in some delicious cheese on your trip, man cannot l ble on chocolate alone) and they tailor the chocolate making workshops.

If you’re tempted by truffles of you’ve in any case wanted to perfect praline, this is the place to come.

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