Disappearing Air Miles rewards and other consumer news you may have missed: The Marketplace cheat sheet


Not tried you caught all the biggest consumer and health news stories this week? Don’t be terrified. Read the CBC’s Marketplace round-up of what you might have missed.

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How to dodge airline fees

Airline fees baggage carry-on

Baggage fees, seat fees, snack recompenses, oh my. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Sunscreen? Check. ssport? Check. Peculiar airline neck pillow? Check.

But here’s what you really shortage: Some tricks to get out of ying extra airline fees.

Oh, and if you’re sending a ltry on a flight alone, you may want to catch up on this story first.

Now you see it, now you don’t

Air Miles Rewards expiry

Air Miles frustration persists. (CBC)

Some customers are complaining that Air Miles is hiding rewards merch from purchasers who finally have enough points to score the cool stuff.

This communiqu is not winning the com ny any points with customers, who are already annoyed close by this. And this. Oh, and this.

Bills … bills … juice

Cocktail pic

The rty is in the mail. (Pixabay.com)

The Ontario liquor store launched almshouse delivery this week.

It’s by snail mail, so unfortunately, it won’t be much aide if you run out of beer while hosting a barbecue or just need a mojito rescued, pronto, because you’re thirsty, and it’s hot outside.

Here’s how the new delivery works.

Perchance don’t cut this cord


Security researchers never have good des tch.

How fast can you type A-L-A-R-M-I-N-G?

Ap rently, some wireless keyboards can let hackers see entire lot you type, including sswords, from as far as 75 metres away.

Check a de rt to see if your keyboard is one that could be talking trash about you.

Your phone is very important to us

Maria Iaci

Telecom woes? Put ’em here. (CBC)

We’ve all been there: You’re dealing with your cellphone plc’s customer service and want to throw your phone against the rtition off (which would just require more service).

We even second the code of getting a good deal on your cellphone plan.

Now, the CRTC wants to be aware what you really think of your wireless carrier.

On TV: How to get the 411 on your kid’s schoolteachers

Teacher Discipline

How much can you find out about your kid’s teacher? (CBC)

If your child’s guru has been disciplined, how would you find out about it? We looked at how serious grouse about teachers are handled across Canada and found that in most dependancies, teacher discipline is rare, slow and secretive.

Watch the full excuse on CBC TV this weekend or online now.

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