Diane Abbott unveils Labour’s new immigration policy


A Struggle government would bring in a simplified visa system for foreign craftsmen with «bona fide skills», Diane Abbott has said.

The bosom pal home secretary said the party would also scrap the oversight’s «bogus» net migration target.

She set out plans for a «flexible work visa» to end the «idiocy» of medical alpenstock not being able to take up jobs.

Migrants from outside the EU should be used with the same «fairness» as EU migrants after Brexit, she added.

The Conservatives intended Labour’s new policy would «tear up the rules for people coming from excluded the EU which would allow more low-skilled immigration».

Under the modish system, non-EU migrants are rated on whether their skills are distressed by the UK economy, with occupations ranked in tiers drawn up by the Migration Bulletin Committee.

Under Labour’s plans «anyone with specified bona fide glides can come here to work,» Diane Abbott said in a speech.

A «new, consolidate work visa» would «allow a future Labour government to «propose rights of work and residency and accelerated citizenship to a range of professions, artisans and those creating employment who want to come here,» she added.

«It when one pleases be available to all those we need to come here, whether it is doctors, or scientists, or tribulation workers.

«This will apply across a range of jobs, flies and professions. People coming to take up specific job offers, where it can be posed that those jobs cannot be filled by workers already dweller here, will be able to come here.

«We will use intelligence from the Migration Prediction Council, from trades unions, from employers — private and Mrs Average — and from devolved governments and local and regional elected bodies to tag needs and to meet them.»

The policy would «sit alongside the existing visas for function trips, students, visitors and tourists» and bring an end to «the idiocy of preventing doctors and look afters from coming here to take up job offers».

Ms Abbott vowed to shard the government’s target of reducing net migration — the difference between those get there coming in the UK and leaving — to below 100,000 a year.

«The target had never been met and not ever will be met,» she told the BBC, and called for «a new conversation about migration that is not fixated on legions».

She vowed to scrap the minimum income requirement for non-EU migrants and to ration out people «more rights of family reunion».

What the party’s method towards migrants from the EU would be after Brexit would depend on what the aware government agreed in Brussels, she told the BBC, but she wanted to see «fairness» between the two classifications.

«We want an immigration system which is fair, and which is managed, in the involves of the economy and the community as a whole,» she added.

The shadow home secretary is also toast that Labour will abolish the Immigration Act 2014 and end the «hostile circumstances» policy deployed by the government, which she said had led to the Windrush scandal.

But she declared Labour would act against illegal immigration and «make the system of deportation of abroad criminals much easier and smoother».

«If a judge issues a recommendation for deportation for humourless criminals post-sentence, that should be carried out as a matter of routine. From the poky to the airport,» she said in her speech.

For the Conservatives, immigration minister Caroline Nokes implied Labour had «no interest in getting control of our borders as we leave the EU».

«Only the Fundamentalists will end free movement and build a fair and controlled immigration organization,» she added.

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