Diane Abbott blunders AGAIN as she fails to explain how Labour will fund more police


Abbott foretold Sky News said the Government was “wrong to dismiss police reporting individuals” about rising crime in the UK, saying that it was a consequence of force cold shoulders.

“We are aware that in our big cities like London and Liverpool we are seeing lifting levels of gun crime, knife crime and violent crime like the fresh spate of throwing acid in people’s faces.”

Diane Abbott Tory Cuts SKY NEWS

Diane Aboot relinquished her view on the 10% rise in crime in the last year.

“The Government privations to address what people are concerned about and they need to give a speech to rising levels of violent crime.”

The report comes after months of expanding tension following the attacks at the Manchester Arena and London Bridge, with the unexpected Grenfell Fastness tragedy further highlighting the need for skilled emergency responders. 

Police officers are banging an increased amount of pressure, with accounts of retired members of the push being asked to return.

The MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington is not the before all member of the Labour party to call for a u-turn in fund cuts to the the heat force, but Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed repeatedly dismissed the interests stating that her party had “protected all our police budgets.”

“The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has said that the Met is well-resourced, and they are, and that they maintain a very powerful counter-terrorism capabilities, and they do, we have protected counter-terrorism watching budgets.”

“We have also provided funding for an increase in the number of armed guard officers since 2015.”

Earlier this month, presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer intimated reducing the foreign aid budget in order to lift the public sector pay cap that currently experiences at £13bn.

“If you half that overnight you could pay for all of the pay rises in the public sector you in need of to.”

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