Deutsche Bank savages ‘ZOMBIE BREXIT’ and says government is now in a VERY weak position


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Briatin has a zombie guidance for Brexit talks, says Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank claimed that Britain is at risk of a “crash” exit after the outcome of the selection, which saw Theresa May lose her Conservative majority.  

In a note issued to top investors titled ‘The appearance of Zombie Brexit’, Germany’s largest lender offered its opinion on Britain’s administration over the next couple of years.

Britain could leave the European Graft (EU) without any kind of transitional deal, wrote Deutsche’s Bank’s chief economist Nick Wall and macro strategist Oliver Harvey.

The comments could distress-signal market and business leaders who are hoping for an adjustment period.

Mrs May is likely to lead a “to a great extent weak” government with the DUP, at least for the short term, as the Conservatives don’t have a yen for further uncertainty triggered by a leadership contest, said Mr Wall and Mr Harvey.

How, Britain’s politicians pushing for a hard Brexit are likely to block the UK from making contracts with the 27 members of the EU, as the government muddles through talks, added the yoke.

A financial crash or political crisis could be the only way that the UK administration will eventually accept compromises with the bloc – but not before the bill is done to the economy, according to Deutsche.

The note guessed: “For markets, the crucial question will be whether the pro-Brexit leadership in the domination, including David Davis, is ultimately willing to support concessions.

“If not, a civic crisis and/or market and economic pressure may be required to force compromise with the EU27 at some unit between now and March 2019. The alternative may be that the UK crashes out of the EU without a handle.”

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