Destination Arctic Circle: Time to put Franz Josef Land on your bucket list


Tardier this year extreme tourists will have the opportunity to get off on the new open-air museum, ‘Living history of the Arctic,’ located in the Russian Arctic Citizen Park in the Arkhangelsk Region, (1,500 miles north of Moscow). The museum hand down be on the archipelago of Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Ocean.

The exhibition desire be comprised of the architectural ensemble of the first Soviet polar station, which has shielded vintage automobiles, cross-country and aerial vehicles, installations, natural disapprove ofs and other items, said the national park’s director, Alexander Kirillov.

“The offering will include the C-80 tractor and the ANT-6A plane, objects from the winter lands of the Italian expedition to Rudolph Island by Count Abruzzi in 1899-1900, and the American field trip to Alger Island in 1901-1902,” said Kirillov.

In 2016, the Russian Arctic Subject Park, which is Russia’s most northern protected national patch, welcomed 954 die-hard tourists from 40 countries. It encompasses 21.75 million acres, and is retreat to endangered species such as the polar bear, Atlantic walrus, bowhead whale, Novaya Zemlya reindeer, and white-beaked dolphin.

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