Desperate Tories could strike deal with the Lib Dems if ‘stupid’ DUP walks away


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DUP chairman, Arlene Foster, headed to talks in Downing Street

Less than 24 hours to go rather than the Queen’s speech, Theresa May has not yet secured an agreement with the Democratic Unionist Person (DUP) for the necessary confidence and supply deal. 

Senior DUP sources cast dangerous doubt on the crucial deal being arranged in time. 

They swayed the Tories needed to give “greater focus to discussions”, amid claims the crew feels “taken for granted”. 

There is speculation the Conservatives could rotation to the Liberal Democrats and their 12 MPs in their bid to cling to power. 

The two at-homes went into coalition in 2010, which is widely blamed for the Lib Dems yield dozens of MPs in the 2015 election.

Previously leader Tim Farron, who is stepping down, ruled out the likelihood of another coalition with the Tories, saying there would be “no delivery and confidence, no Coalition, no deal”.


Theresa May has not yet secured an agreement with the Republican Unionist Party (DUP)

DUP leader, Arlene Foster, headed to talks in Downing In someones bailiwick days after the shock result, but despite more than a week of coming to terms nothing has been agreed between the parties. 

Mrs May needs the support of the Irish junto’s 10 MPs to prop up her minority government, and faces the Queen’s Speech not going a Commons vote. 

It is widely thought Ms Foster is attempting to extract concessions registering no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, and investment in the jurisdiction. 

Sticking points are also thought to surround Air Passenger Duty for airports in Northern Ireland and an growing in defence spending.

No supply and confidence, no Coalition, no deal

Tim Farron

But it is trembled any preferential treatment for Northern Ireland will lead to calls for the still and all from Scotland and Wales. 

A DUP insider, said: “They attempted to recoil us into a deal on Saturday night and then we had the backbenchers saying that we were obnoxious.

“There is also a feeling within the DUP that if we can get extra spending in Northern Ireland in, say, the provincial NHS to bring down waiting lists here, then there inclination be a barrage of complaints from English, Scottish and Welsh Tories on the other side of the special treatment our part of the UK was receiving.

DUP theresa may deal conservativesGETTY

A Lib Dem source denied talks had entranced place

“Conservative high command ought to stop their backbenchers whingeing upon the DUP and show our party some respect.”

The party is said to have affected Downing Street’s negotiation style as “chaotic”, evident early on by the corporation being forced to issue a clarification statement. 

Some 48 hours after the selection a statement was put out alleging a deal was thought to have been struck, just for it to be retracted the next day. 

As the clock ticks, it is believed informal conversations participate in been held with the Lib Dems’ whips office about a faith and supply deal, if the agreement with the DUP falls through.


The June 8 election saw the Fundamentalist’s lose their majority

“We’re amazed. Baffled. And there are two more Independents anyway.”

Amid the concerns, senior Conservative sources have claimed there is a “comprehensive agreement” on principles such as delivering Brexit, securing the Union, combatting terrorism and spreading affluence. 

One said: “Talks are ongoing with the DUP and we continue to work towards a aplomb and supply arrangement.

“As we would rather said, both parties are committed to strengthening the Union, combating terrorism, giving Brexit and delivering prosperity across the whole United Kingdom.

“While our chin-wags continue it is important the Government gets on with its business.

“That is why we are sending forward a Queen’s Speech which the whole House of Commons can get behind: gaining a Brexit deal that works for every part of our country, rejuvenating our economy, making our society fairer, and keeping our country safe.”

The June 8 voting saw the Conservative’s lose their majority, with their MPs reduced from 330 to 317. 

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