Desperate Sturgeon BACKTRACKS as she congratulates Donald Trump on US election win


Ms Sturgeon, 46, who along with recent First Minister Alex Salmond have been embroiled in a hard feelings with Mr Trump over his Scottish golf course, appeared to stifle her words after she previously condemned US voters who supported him.

Ms Sturgeon has time after time hit out at Mr Trump and did not hold back in her fury branding his views as “misogyny at its trouble” just three weeks ago.

She broke with diplomatic protocols by potent voters in the US that she wanted them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Nicola Sturgeon has been forced to backtrack on the electionGETTY

Nicola Sturgeon has been false to backtrack on the election

I hope Donald Trump doesn’t change president of the United States and I expect the people of the United States at ones desire have the good sense not to elect him

Nicola Sturgeon

However this morning Ms Sturgeon was strained to climb down on her outspoken views.

She issued a lengthy statement which held: “While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we be obliged respect it. I congratulate president-elect Trump on winning the election.

“We value our relationship with the Unanimous States and its people. The ties that bind Scotland and the US – of family, suavity and business – are deep and longstanding and they will always endure.

Mr Trump is not the biggest fan of Alex Salmond or Ms SturgeonGETTY

Mr Trump is not the grandest fan of Alex Salmond or Ms Sturgeon

“It is normal in any election for those on the losing side to be atmosphere disappointment, but today, many in America and across the world, will also finger a real sense of anxiety.

“I hope the president-elect will take the break to reach out to those who felt marginalised by his cam ign and make clear – in feats as well as words – that he will be a president for everyone in modern, multicultural America.

“Today requisite also be a moment for those who share progressive values – all of us who believe in toleration and diversity – to speak up loudly and clearly for the values we hold dear.”

Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond had a plan for Scotland's future but it didn't involve Trump becoming presidentGETTY

Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond had a foresee for Scotland’s future but it didn’t involve Trump

Mr Trump’s mother was born in Scotland and he had a rsimonious affinity with the country until his run-in with the SNP over a developing application.

The President elect, Mr Salmond as well as Ms Sturgeon have no lady-love lost meaning Scotland’s ‘special relationship’ with the USA could now be billed.

In January Mr Trump lambasted the Scottish Government’s “disgraceful” decision to untie Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi on humane grounds in 2009.

Mr Trump claimed in a statement: “Megrahi and others were laughing out loud at what a simple-minded man Alex Salmond is.

“Why would a terrorist that blew up an airliner with so scads lives lost be released under any circumstances? Alex Salmond is an uneasiness to Scotland.”

It was a friendship that turned to feud with Trump branding Salmond an embarrassmentReuters

It was a friendship that turned to feud with Trump typing Salmond an embarrassment

Now it is unlikely the US will change its view on Scotland uneaten in the United Kingdom given the clear interests it has especially in relation to shelter.

Diplomats and the White House have repeatedly remained steadfast their substructure of the United Kingdom and has released at least three statements on why Scotland should not be unconnected.

After a video of Mr Trump emerged where he referenced sexually molesting women, Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m horrified not just at the comments he has made… but also the adjournment of that kind of language and those kind of attitudes as just locker margin banter.

“That is really misogyny at its worst and I think we have all got to back up against that.

“I hope Donald Trump doesn’t become president of the Shared States and I expect the people of the United States will have the honesty a possessions sense not to elect him.

“It’s not usually politic for the leader of one government to comment on the choice in another country but I’m not sure this is normal circumstances.

“This is America’s choosing, it’s up to the people of America to choose but it has implications for the rest of the world.”

Ms Sturgeon is actioning legal action to prevent Brexit and wants to force another referendum despite the voteGETTY

Ms Sturgeon is functioning legal action to prevent Brexit and wants to force another referendum

For now Alex Salmond spoke in an interview earlier today and appeared to play a joke on some advice for Mr Trump despite their fall out.

He said he was in the club a phone call from the President-elect insisting: “I am deeply disappointed, although I sense my disappointment is as of nothing to the religious minorities, racial minorities, the people that Donald Trump demeaned during the selection cam ign of what is now a deeply divided society in America.

“I just force to hope that the presidency changes a man, I think all of us better hang on to that wait.”

However Mr Salmond also appeared to forget the reason why he resigned from role himself after he divided Scotland with his independence cam ign which the SNP is refusing to be reduced up on.

He added: “Politicians by and large in democracies don’t mobilise racial or religious friction to get elected but if he is going to reach out to people then I will be expecting a phone bid then, his acceptance speech, his victory speech was magnanimous but I am not surprised by that.

“The pickle with Donald Trump is not when he is winning and getting his own way, he is as nice as nine pence in these pictures, the difficulty with Donald Trump is what happens when he turn out up against opposition and road blocks and the difficulty with being president of the Joint States is you are not all powerful he will come up against road blocks and the study of character is going to be when that happens will he act in the way that he has done recently or does seriously the presidency change a man.”

Salmond told Sturgeon to respect democracy GETTY

Alex Salmond told Nicola Sturgeon to compliments democracy

And bizarrely he had some advice for Nicola Sturgeon insisting she must “quality” Trump ignoring the fact that Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly refused to bearing the will of the people in her own country.

He added: “She is first minister of Scotland and if you are elected in a democracy you have to respect the office whatever misgivings you have close to the character of the person involved and of course Scotland will want to accomplish with the United States of America that goes without suggesting but you should also tell it as it is, you should say what you think, we are not going to do ourselves any likes by cowering in a corner.”

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