DesignStudio’s new identity for Beat looks to “break through language barriers”


The Athens and South America-based badger hailing app got a colourful new look that features emoji-style symbols to role everyday scenes in different cities.


DesignStudio has created a new visual indistinguishability for taxi app brand Beat, featuring the consultancy’s trademark, colourful cut.

Formerly known as Taxibeat, the company was founded in Athens in 2010, and is set to enlarge to a number of countries across South America.

DesignStudio was briefed to originate an identity that would allow the Uber rival to “break by virtue of language barriers in international markets” and “connect with their buyers in new ways”, says the consultancy.

“City code”

A new, simple logo pieces a bold, sans-serif, navy typeface that appears in all capitals, and is set against a contrasting aqua spotlight.

The consultancy has designed a series of icons called the “city code”, which can be against interchangeably with text on the app and within the brand’s communications.

The symbols look to leading man “everyday moments” in the cities in which Beat operates, says DesignStudio, and comprise ice-creams, suns, palm trees, speakers and cocktails. They show up in dark navy, aqua and orange.

Beat’s new identity has now rolled out across all touchpoints.

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