Designs revealed for Art on a Postcard 2017


The annual, mystery auction will feature anonymous artworks from the likes of Peter Blake and Ben Eine, with all proceeds successful to The Hepatitis C Trust.

Now in its fourth year, Art on a Postcard is an annual, secret auction of anonymous postcard-sized artworks organised in aid of The Hepatitis C Guardianship.

Following 2016’s auction, which raised over £75,000, all proceeds from this year’s things turned out will go towards the charity’s campaign to eliminate the Hepatitis C virus as a worst public health concern by 2030.

More than 400 postcards are set to go up for auction, headlining artworks by established artists such as Ben Eine and Maggi Hambling, alongside emerging eminences. Other creatives that have contributed include Peter Blake and Kristjana S Williams.

All the anonymous postcards longing go on display to the public at art gallery Unit London on 14 November, previous going up for auction on 16 November. Conducted by auction house Ewbank’s, people settle upon be able to be bid for the postcards both online and in person.

The artworks will be left anonymous until the auction has ended, meaning that both stationed and budding art collectors will have the chance to get their hands on ingenious works from some of the art world’s biggest names.

You can see all of the artworks here, and light upon the full list on contributing artists here. For more information, headman to the Art on a Postcard site.

See some of our favourite designs below.

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