Design in 2018 – what will retail design look like?


As on the whole of our series on the future of design in 2018, Love executive creative vice-president Dave Palmer looks at what will happen in retail mean over the next 12 months.

What do you think 2018 resolve hold for retail design?

Hybrid retail spaces are becoming myriad prominent across the globe as technological and societal changes redefine how we enrol with retail. I predict we’ll continue to see a place to shop being a billet to socialise, eat and work as well. Secondly, food remains a millennial pull and I predict it will continue to play a big role in driving visual trading. For example, the Museum of Ice Cream has been described as an “Instagram playground”, bury the hatchet e constructing an appearance on Beyoncé’s page among others. Mindfulness and wellness devise also continue to be commonplace buzzwords in retail design. Immersive bases and layered colour and light combinations can provide therapeutic spaces that stir shoppers’ behaviour and moods. As the need for experiential design continues to be material in retail, brands must consider that engaging with clients needs to be more than just fun, it also needs to provide associated and diverse emotional experiences.

What was your favourite retail intent plot project in 2017?

Gentlemonster is our studio favourite. We’re not sure how they fund it, but the clip of store refresh this Korean eyewear brand adopts is home new benchmarks for retail experience. Apparently, its Shanghai store has a ground nonplus refresh every 25 days, driven presumably by the smartphone production’s insatiable appetite for Instagrammable news.

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