Design in 2018 – what will product design look like?


As go away of our series on the future of design in 2018, Kingfisher design director Theo Williams looks at what settle upon happen in product design over the next 12 months.

What do you judge 2018 will hold for product design?

As in 2017, technology wish continue to drive innovation, with the launch of more smart facts and connected devices. 3D printing will also become more coalesced within the domestic market, but technology and material innovations will depict the manufacture, use and function of products. I think the most impactful change in 2018 liking come from rethinking the relationship between objects and users. Commodity designers, manufacturers, brands and retailers will influence the market by keep ones ears open very closely and directly to users, researching personal or tailored logotypes, and using this insight to create even better products. Uncountable new technologies have been used to create products trying to make plain a problem that does not exist in the first place. They drink been designed simply because new technology exists, rather than being essential in a specific consumer need.

What was your favourite product composition project in 2017?

In terms of branded furniture and homeware launches, 2017 was a peace of mind year. For example, the installations at the furniture fair at Milan Design Week were far innumerable impressive than some of the products. My favourite products are always those that are recondite away and you use unconsciously; design that is beautifully engineered rather than purely aesthetic. If I had to pick one shape I liked it would be the Muji Hut, a simple cabin that suits a encyclopaedic variety of locations and is somewhere between a permanent residence and a holiday nursing home.

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