Denmark burka protest in pictures: Veiled campaigners demonstrate against ‘burqa law’


Notions show the Kvinder i Dialog group defying the ban by wearing face hides in the capital, with some angrily waving placards in the air.

It comes as two of Denmark’s dos are considering upping the punishment for transgressing the recent ban from £121 to a chokey sentence, as it risks being rendered ineffective by a French-Algerian mogul once dubbed the «Zorro of Niqab.»

The Liberals and the Danish People’s Party (DF), currently colleagues of Denmark’s ruling coalition, argue that the pledge by Rachid Nekkaz to pay all acutes accrued under the contentious «Burka Law» is undermining Danish law.

According to DF’s immigration and integration spokesman Martin Henriksen, the ministry should consider introducing prison terms in the legislation.

«If he pays the keens, we think it should be regarded as income, so that the women for whom he deal outs the fines shall be taxed,» he argued.

«Also, we think this is a justifiable why the government should consider imposing prison terms – you may pay fines for others, but you cannot discharge a function terms for others,» Martin Henriksen added.

12 other nations sooner a be wearing banned the burka, including Austria, France, Belgium, Tajikistan, Latvia, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Netherlands, China and Morocco.

The disclaimer comes as former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson matched women who wore burkas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers” in a Telegraph exposition piece which argued against a blanket ban on burkas in the UK.

The remarks sparked wrath from within the Conservative Party, with Prime Minister Theresa May and bloc chairman, Brandon Lewis, both calling for Mr Johnson to apologise.

But Mr Johnson is refusing to bankrupt down, claiming his observations were innocuous and adding it was “ridiculous” to decompose his comments.

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