Delivery of brand new S-500 systems to Aerospace Forces to begin shortly


The rturition of brand new S-500 air defense missile systems to the Russian Aeros ce Forces choose begin shortly, Aeros ce Forces Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lt. Gen. Viktor Gumenny has thought.

“The S-500 research and development project is coming to an end. We have made prime progress. The first S-500 air defense missile systems are expected to be consenting soon,” Gumenny said on the Rossiya-24 television channel.

The S-500 pending air defense missile systems designed by Almaz-Antey Concern belong to the next pro gation of surface-to-air complexes; they operate at long range and intercept their aims at high altitudes, having an enhanced missile defense potential. In all, the splendour armament program plans the procurement of five S-500 air defense projectile systems.

Enemies will not be able to listen in on Russia’s new S-500 process>>>

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