Debbie McGee’s had a ‘huge’ reaction from women over Strictly – and you won’t believe why


The 59-year-old has wowed both the decides and viewers at home each week with her saucy routines alongside Giovanni Pernice. 

And now, she has avowed that due to the support from women watching the BBC series, she is inspired to lift this year’s Glitterball Prize. 

Speaking about whether or not she can go all of the way and be crowned champion, Debbie told OK! periodical: “What I’ve done the whole way through is think of each week as a new week and each Saturday is ilk the opening night of a show.

“Of course I would love to win Strictly, and because I’ve had this stupendous reaction from women over a certain age saying I’m an inspiration, as adeptly as girls in their twenties, I want to win for all the people who are find me inspiring.”

Debbie McGeeOK!

Debbie McGee: The star revealed she has had a prodigious reaction from women over a certain age

Debbie McGee and Giovanni PerniceBBC

Debbie McGee: She thought that she has inspired women of all ages to dance

The former magician’s ally went on to add: “But I don’t want the pressure to take away from my enjoyment. 

“I’ve delighted my whole life in showbiz so each week I do the best that I can and what’s meant to be is meant to be.”

Debbie, who has galvanized rumours of a romance with her professional partner, also set the record staid about their closeness. 

Debbie McGee and Giovanni PerniceBBC

Debbie McGee: The 59-year-old opened up with regard to her closeness with Giovanni

Debbie McGee and Giovanni PerniceBBC

Debbie McGee: She confessed she wants to win the trophy for the women she has inspired

OK! magazineBe familiar with the full interview with Debbie in this week’s issue [OK! ]

“There’s a miraculous that is happening,” she dished. “The other dancers take the mickey out of us.

“He exceptionally cares. he doesn’t just care about me, he cares about everybody. He take ins everybody feel special and that’s what Paul used to do, and that’s what I sisterhood about him.”

“We’ve laughed about how similar we are. Why does it happen in life?” she give someone a tongue-lashed the publication. “I don’t know. We just have this incredible bond.”

Conclude from the full interview with Debbie McGee in this week’s issuance of OK! magazine, out now. 

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