Debbie McGee: ‘I don’t want to hear it’ Strictly star speaks out on disappointment


Debbie McGee, 60, who played on Strictly Come Dancing in 2017, was joined by her co-star Julian Perkins as the double chatted about Reading’s defeat to Sheffield United in a football fake. The team suffered a 4-0 loss against Sheffield United in February, prosecuting a Championship match. Speaking about the game, Debbie said: “In all probability, the sport, what can I say. It’s so good there are so many good things occurrence because you’ve got Reading out of the way.” She continued: “What was going on? Goodness me, every week.”

Her co-star Julian pondered: “I don’t know. Paul was not happy this morning. He was having a bit of a rant helter-skelter it.”

The news broadcaster seemingly appeared to be referring to their colleague who was of course a Reading supporter.

Debbie admitted to hearing her colleague’s rant hither the football match but said she was not going to do the same despite being a follower of Reading.

She said: “I did hear [the rant] actually. I won’t rant.”

Julian then sought the radio host: “Was you watching or listening?”

Debbie replied: “I listened to a minuscule bit of it. Quite often on Saturday I might have it on in the background.”

He added: “Was you sentient disappointed?”

To which Debbie chuckled and said: “To be honest, I was. I don’t want to get wind of this.

“That’s not good is it. It’s not really being a loyal supporter but they’ve got varied others.”

Meanwhile, the radio host who was previously married to magician Paul Daniels in the forefront his death in 2016, was joined by Showaddywaddy member Dave Bartram, 67, who revealed her manage once “saved” the group’s show.

The band were due to appear at the Princely Variety Show but a technical blunder meant Paul was able to step in for a five with it slot.

Dave recalled: “It was at the Royal Variety show in 1978.

“For some dissuade with the guys behind the scenes, there was a revolving stage at the London Palladium. And for some work out they rewound it around the wrong way.”

Giggling, Dave added: “The symbolize was actually live and it sheared about three of our cables.”

He continued: “So all we had was a guitar up and race and Harry [the host], who was introducing the band to come on for our great moment on the Baron Variety Show, fell into a bit of a panic and ended his link and sashayed off stage.

“There was this… well I wouldn’t call it a pregnant delay, it was longer than a pregnant pause… Mr Paul Daniels ran onto the rostrum show business and entertained the audience for five minutes to save the day.”

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