‘Dear Mark Carney… capitalism stinks’: Bank complaint letters revealed


Bank of England governor Bring credit to oneself Carney has had a few run-ins with MPs over the years — but nothing compared to the mauling he gets from the public.

In complaint letters released to the BBC, Mr Carney is accused of «hellish» Brexit distortions and is told that «capitalism stinks».

One writer lay at someones doors the bank for soaring house prices, meaning his grandchildren will miss to «buy tents».

The letters, from the past year, were released beneath Freedom of Information.

He comes in for particular criticism, including expletive-laden draft b calls to quit, over the bank’s role in policing other banks’ deportment, interest rate policy and pensions.

Mark Carney, who’s Canadian, enlist ined the Bank of England in July 2013, after serving as governor of the Bank of Canada.

He had once upon a time had a thirteen-year career at investment bank Goldman Sachs, and plans to to take action down from the governorship in June 2019.

Here are a selection of the complaints:

  • «On you address these issues instead of kicking them down the throughway all the time? If only HM The Queen and her family knew of her subject’s misery. Neither Mrs May nor Mr Hammond can be bothered to in a little while reply nor do anything about what I have raised.»
  • «My grandchildren are booming to have to buy tents … because all the housing stock will have been bought up by mingy buy-to-let landlords. I am angry. Yours in utter contempt, a better economist than you will-power ever be.»
  • «Brexit is a good thing, people will start deceiving a feel-good factor and start doing well. You spreading negativity maddening to make a self-fulfilling prophecy is vile.»
  • «My agricultural projects greatly need you to make the following deposit of £1m ASAP. Once again, please pull over delaying. Your sincerely, UK Permanent King, incorporating the universe.»
  • «My gold-plated £8k get ready pension will be worth 8p as inflation continues to rise and rocket. I can think the «Yes Minister snigger snigger» expectation of getting away with it…. I’ve unequivocal capitalism stinks»

A spokesperson for the Bank of England declined to comment.

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