Deals this week: GE Aviation, Boeing, Blue Origin


Uzbekistan Airways has positioned an order with GE Aviation for the supply of GEnx-1B engines for four new Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

GE Aviation liking supply GEnx-1B engines, including a custom-ordered spare engine, down the $230m contract.

The Boeing Company has secured a $2.16bn order from Qatar Airways for four 777-300ER and two 747-8 Freighter aircraft.

The new aircraft when one pleases allow Qatar Airways to provide improved long-haul flight overhauls and support its growing cargo operations.

«The new spacecraft is expected to strengthen mu Spaciousness’s presence in the Asia-Pacific.»

Blue Origin has received a contract to provide set up services for a new geostationary satellite developed by mu Space, a start-up company based in Thailand.

The spacecraft is scheduled to be launched aboard Blue Origin’s New Glenn orbital take off in 2021.

The new spacecraft is expected to strengthen mu Space’s presence in the Asia-Pacific.

Turkish Airlines representations to purchase up to 40 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner wide-body aircraft for $12.4bn.

The new aircraft devise allow the airline to expand its fleet capacity and increase passenger restitution.

The deal, yet to be finalised, is expected to expand Boeing’s regional presence.

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