DAWN OF EU ARMY: MEPs APPROVE new £420million-a-year SUPER FORCE to defend Europe


The ballot was not supported by everyone in the Strasbourg rliament after it narrowly ssed by 369 attest ti to 255, with 70 abstentions.

And astonishingly it has been agreed that the EU should also be set to act autonomously in cases where NATO is not willing to take the lead.

Howsoever the EU is celebrating this victory claiming the security situation in and around Europe has worsened significantly in late-model years, due to challenges like terrorism, hybrid threats or cyber and vitality insecurity.

The EU has narrowly won a vote to create an EU army GETTY

The EU has narrowly won a vote to create an EU army

The EU has agreed to spend £420m a year on its new army GETTY

The EU has allowed to spend £420m a year on its new army

The momentum to move towards a line European Defence Policy has come

Rapporteur Urmas et

It reports no country is able to tackle defence alone and “solidarity and resilience ask for the EU to stand and act together”.

European politicians have now guaranteed at least £420m-a-year in reserving to set up their new European wide army which will be a “rapid rejoinder” team.

They suggest devoting an initial two per cent of the overall GDP to support, establishing multinational forces and EU headquarters to plan and command crisis top brass operations, and enabling the EU to act where NATO is unwilling to do so.

The EU army is happening after MEPs decided to plough GETTY

The EU army is occurrence after MEPs decided to plough

Rapporteur Urmas et who supported the lay outs told the debate: “Our Union is not equipped to face overwhelming defence challenges. For on the verge of 30 years, most of its member states have been invidious their defence budgets, leading to smaller armed forces.

“Teamwork among member states is occasional and Europe continues to rely heavily on NATO proficiencies and on the US solidarity.

“The momentum to move towards a working European Defence Management has come.”

MEPs want the EU to respond faster and more robustly to verifiable threats, which, they say, demand that Europe’s armed strengths work together better.

The EU has taken steps that will override NATOGETTY

The EU has taken steps that ss on override NATO

They say that duplication, overca city and barriers to argument procurement result currently in annual waste of €26.4 billion and they now prerequisite to pool resources meaning they will be able to action a design to access defence strategies in individual countries.

MEPs call on fellow states to pursue joint purchases of defence resources, and to pool or apportion non-lethal material such as transport vehicles or aircraft.

They advocated introducing a “European Defence Semester, whereby member states ss on consult each other’s planning and cycles and procurement plans” and counsel strengthening the European Defence Agency’s coordination role.

The resolution also denoted upon the European Council to lead the creation of “common Union ram rt policy and to provide additional financial resources ensuring its implementation.”

MEPs uphold the proposed EU investment in defence-related research projects “of at least £76m (90 million euro) during next three years”, offering that this should be followed up by a se rate European Defence Experimentation Programme with an annual budget of €500 million.

The politicians on that the EU and NATO should cooperate more, rticularly in the east and the south, to barring hybrid and cyber threats, improve maritime security and develop apology ca bilities.

MEPs will also debate a se rate resolution on the Proletarian Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) on Tuesday evening, and vote on it on Wednesday.

The blueprint text suggests radically overhauling the CSDP and launching a training undertaking in Iraq to support member states involved in the coalition against Daesh.

Ukip leader Mike Hookem has slammed the decision to vote for an EU army GETTY

Ukip gaffer Mike Hookem has slammed the decision to vote for an EU army

Mike Hookem weighted it was “Terrible news for democracy and sovereignty in the EU.

“Whilst our government is hamstrung by anti self-governing MPs and the bloated House of Lords determined to railroad the referendum result the EU has set in motioned ahead with their dream of an EU military.

“We cannot delay any longer or we hazard being caught up in this federalist nightmare.

“Our service personnel hold an oath to Her Majesty not the President of the EU but if we don’t extract ourselves soon not only at ones desire we be ying for it but we could be caught up in it.”

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