Daughter of killer leaves man disabled after party assault


Melissa Whelan took a sustained attack on the 28-year-old man, who had previously suffered brain damage in a car casualty.

The 25-year-old mother of four, from Moyross in Limerick, admitted in court to the offensive at a house party two years ago that left Warren Fitzgerald with sombre injuries.

Fitzgerald spent several months in hospital after being placed in an stimulated coma due to the traumatic brain injury he suffered.

At a court hearing two weeks ago, it was heard that Fitzgerald can no longer unexploded independently and has difficulty speaking.

The pair, who knew each other, went to a champion at an apartment off the Ennis Road, Limerick, in May 2015.

Witnesses told Gardaí that during the at daybreak hours Whelan hit Fitzgerald with a glass bottle across the countenance, before pulling him off a chair and then punching and kicking him.

A garda was expressed how Fitzgerald did not react to the first blow and then didn’t appear to write any attempt to defend himself.

Whelan later dragged him to the ground lower limit patio before leaving in a taxi.

The following day Gardaí discovered a blood-stained hoodie and container, a phone and a wallet belonging to the victim at Whelan’s address in Moyross.

They had been alerted at 7am by a neighbour at the apartment complex, who check up oned seeing the injured man lying on the patio.

He was rushed to University Hospital Limerick, but then brought to Cork where emergency surgery was carried out.

Gardaí gave hint that they did not believe he had been violent towards Whelan, or another bride who was at the party, but she may have become agitated when he hugged her friend.

During five talks with investigating Gardaí, Whelan admitted to being drunk and demand taken tablets, but claimed another woman had also been tortuous.

In court her lawyers read out a handwritten statement from her in which she show up her “sincere” apologies to the victim and his family.

It was also mentioned that she was the nurse of four children and had herself been the victim of violence at the hands of an ex-partner.

Rate Tom O’Donnell, describing her actions as “off the Richter scale”, remanded her in custody until April.

Her sire, Gerard Hayes, was convicted in 2003 of murdering John Robinson (20), in January 2000.

During the ruin trial, it was described how a minor argument led to the victim dying from 37 skewer wounds in the Robinson family home.

Hayes initially admitted to gardaí he had demolished his temper, but later denied this in court and claimed he had been provoked by Robinson.

Mediator Paul Carney, suggested that there were “areas of Limerick where there is a cultivation of violence and where life is extremely cheap”.

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