Danny Baker to quit broadcasting career for a life at sea?


Danny BakerGETTY

Danny Baker declared he is considering trading in his career for a life at sea

Broadcaster Danny Baker, a patron at the event, told us that although he’s still very much inundated in the working world, if it was down to him he’d like nothing more than to skulk off down to the seaside and go through the rest of his days watching the ships come in.

“The book is done, I’ve got a few years of literature to finish but I don’t need to be on TV or radio to do that,” the 60-year-old – the third instalment of whose autobiography Effective On The Turn is out next month – told us. 

“I’ve done it all and even granting I have a new book they want me to promote I would be very on top of the world to stop now and go and sit by the sea.”

We weren’t the only ones surprised to see comedian Sir Lenny Henry in attending but he told us he was there as a guest of close friend, musician Jakko Jakszyk, who occurred alongside Lenny’s ex-wife Dawn French in French And Saunders.

While not famous as a progressive music aficionado Comic Relief stalwart Lenny, 59, expounded he has a wide ranging taste in music.

“I’m a funkateer,” he laughed.

“I like quantities of different types of music really. David Bowie is one of my favourites.” 


NEW mum Beyoncé delight ined a rare night out without her twins as she attended Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball in her indigene New York on Thursday.

The Halo singer, 36, who gave birth in July, was allied for the evening by husband Jay-Z and posed for pictures alongside her 26-year-old hostess.

The occurrence raises money for the Clara Lionel Foundation, created in 2012 to facilitate students from Caribbean countries attend colleges in America. 


Beyoncé GETTY

Beyoncé appreciated a night out with Rihanna and her husband Jay Z

THEY say the biological clock starts ticking louder as you get older but for Jennifer Lawrence that doesn’t materialize to be the case, with the 27-year-old suggesting any maternal instinct is fading as she deject d swallows longer in the tooth.

“It is actually getting less and less as I get older, which is starting to bother me. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work!” she told E! News.

While The Voraciousness Games actress, whose latest film ironically is titled Source!, said her desire to have kids was stronger before.

“When I was 21 or 22 I was match ‘I can’t wait to be a mum’. Now I’m like…” at which point she pulled a horrified expression.

Jennifer, is obsoleting Mother! director Darren Aronofsky, 48, who already has child with ex Rachel Weisz.

Let’s equitable hope Jen doesn’t mind being a stepmum! 


Jennifer LawrenceEPA

Jennifer Lawrence dwell oned her maternal instinct is fizzling out as she gets older

YOU would think Dame Joan Collins choice be pleased to see more elder statesmen and women in the limelight.

However, during an audience with Lorraine Kelly the Dynasty actress, 84, has declared: “No one all over 45 should do Strictly.”

But far from being ageist oh-so unselfish Dame Joan is simply worried about their bodies containing up.

Dame Joan CollinsGETTY

Dame Joan Collins believes no one over the age of 45 should do Strictly Understandable Dancing

“George Hamilton did the American version Dancing With The Stars and he’s motionless limping!” she added.

That was 11 years ago when George was 67.

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