Danish company plans expansion amid boom in Montreal’s video game sector


Resemblance Technologies, a Danish company with 27 studios and some 2,000 hands worldwide, wants Montreal to be home to its second largest office.

The performers announced Monday plans to triple its workforce at its Pointe-Saint-Charles studio, which command grow from 200 to 650 employees in the next three years. Currently, the following is advertising 74 available jobs in Montreal.

On its website, Unity Technologies recites the Montreal office as “a relaxed and super friendly lot — almost like a strain without the hassle!”

Since moving to Montreal in 2011, the company has duplicated its workforce every year.

Though 50 per cent of the company’s target dissembles are for mobile devices, it makes games for nearly all modern platforms and mounts computer graphic content for movies. 

“Unity is evolving. It wants to lay out in Montreal because there is a lot of talent here,” said the Montreal studio’s commandant, André Gauthier.

The city, he said, is also a low-cost place to run.

Danish company plans expansion amid boom in Montreal's video game sector
Montreal studio’s director André Gauthier says Montreal is a reasonable place to operate with plenty of high calibre talent to elect from. (Radio-Canada)

“We are going to look for jobs not only in video line of work technologies, but also in the field of artificial intelligence, in the cloud domain, accordingly, network infrastructures,” Gauthier he said.

Mélanie Joly, the federal tourism sky pilot, attended the announcement Monday.

“There was a vision and, little by little, directions have supported this vision here and there, we see the results,” she communicated

Mitch Garber, president of Invest in Canada, said there is “a truculent competition for foreign investment in Canada” and “there are many cities or rural areas that would like to have Unity’s office as the second largest Rapport office in the world.”

Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre Fitzgibbon told the announcement is proof of “the attraction of Montreal as an international centre.”

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