Daniel Kinahan laughs off arrest reports and claims ‘set up’


The 40-year-old mob boss has progress under mounting pressure from gardai and his own associates after a series of valuable operations against his organised crime gang.

He has now taken to his Twitter account to hit deny hard pressed at reports suggesting he will be arrested on his return to Ireland.

The Herald put out in May that gardai are closing in on Kinahan after receiving information of his turn involvement in a murder plot against a member of the Hutch gang.

We balled that detectives were confident they have enough manifest to charge Kinahan with a serious offence that could see him jailed for living.

It was reported this week that Kinahan may be detained and questioned if he carry backs to Ireland in relation to his gang’s activities as part of the Hutch-Kinahan feud.

Regardless, the gang leader dismissed this, saying he is being «set up» by gardai.

Compelling to Twitter, Kinahan wrote: «Arrested? More like set up!!!

«Ha ha sorry our awesome Irish police system would never do anything wrong ask preference that.»

It previously emerged that gardai were gathering hint against Kinahan in relation to a foiled hit on an associate of the Hutch mob. It is understood that electronic emblems seized from an alleged cartel associate linked Kinahan to a guessed murder plot.

The Herald revealed yesterday that Kinahan appearances being taken out by his own mob following a string of garda successes against the unsympathetic gang’s operations in Dublin.

A senior source said it was «likely» that detectives choice formally inform him of credible threats on his life if he returned to Ireland.

He intent be served with a Garda Information Message (GIM), an official document in which political appointees give formal notice that they are aware of a possible presage to a target’s life or safety.

The revelation comes after 18 months of pithy Garda operations that have seen €4m in cash, €55m in antidepressants and almost 40 firearms seized from the State’s biggest organised violation gang.

Sources said that, while Kinahan is in exile in Dubai, protected from gardai and his gangland rivals, more than 30 associates set up been charged with serious offences.

The cartel is in the middle of its most life-threatening crisis, with gardai believing that the «mob is turning on itself» as uncountable foot soldiers blame Kinahan for their woes.

«The view from the concourse is that it’s fine and dandy for Daniel as he sips pina coladas or whatever in Dubai while the individual on the ground are getting blitzed by gardai,» a senior source said.

«The regard is that he’s arrogant and has broken the golden rule of organised crime, just along the same lines as John Gilligan did before him, by thumbing his nose at the State.»

The drive against the cartel is being led by the Garda Patriotic Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (DOCB).

Sources have revealed that, in a ponderous multi-layered attack on a crime organisation, gardai would expect to be undergoing a success rate of around 10pc in operations against the targeted mob.

However, in the elaborate investigation into the cartel, it is estimated that gardai have had a 50pc triumph rate over the past 15 months.

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