Daniel Kinahan afraid to leave hotel amid revenge fears


In the wake of the Hutch league’s resurgence, cartel top dog Daniel Kinahan, is keeping a low profile in the United Arab Emirates.

Mutual understanding to sources every time he leaves for Spain he takes a selfie and tasks it for people to see, but only when he’s safely back in the UAE, as to throw off gunmen.

According to well-placed origins, Kinahan now only returns home to Spain in quick, fleeting and unannounced drop in ons, to avoid tipping off the Hutch gang, who recently proved themselves as treacherous as any wounded animal, by taking out the brother of a key Kinahan cartel associate.

Michael Keogh, he relation of INLA bomb maker Johnny Keogh, was shot dead as he sat in his car in the metro car park of his north inner city Dublin home.

The shooting at Sheridan Court unconditional complex on Dublin’s Dorset Street is the latest killing linked to the mortal Kinahan/Hutch feud, which has now claimed 12 lives.

The injured party had posted on Facebook early on Tuesday morning about starting a new job.

“New job new start it is hoped all goes well,” Keogh wrote.

Gardaí confirmed last tenebriousness they are investigating if his Facebook post alerted his killers to the fact he was prevailing to work at around 6am, when he was ambushed in the underground car park.

Since the pump full of lead sinister graffiti has emerged in Dublin’s north inner city choosing two men the Hutch mob believe were involved in Gareth Hutch’s murder.

The plain warning, believed to have been written by the Hutch gang, named the two men along with the essence: “YOU’RE NEXT”.

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