Daniel Hannan outlines chilling prediction of what EU will look like in 20 years


Eurosceptic fetes finished top in France, Italy and Britain in last month European nominations, winning more seats than ever before and upsetting the significance quo in Brussels. If the groups were to act as one, they could be the second-biggest force in the EU Parliament. Whilom Trump adviser Steve Bannon hailed the results of the elections and intended the idea of further European integration was “dead” after the gains from the eurosceptic helpers.

Mr Bannon said last month: “The integration movement, which is what the EU has on all occasions been about, is dead.

“You will not see Juncker or any of that crowd depressing for more integration. That’s the historic thing about yesterday.”

In the face Mr Bannon’s claims, many analysts see the chances of the right-wing parties tieing as being slim and their future influence as limited.

The ruling hard-right nationalist signer in Poland has so far refused to align with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally defender and Matteo Salvin’s League.

Britain’s Nigel Farage, head of the successful Brexit Party, has also rejected any tie-up with the new French-Italian coalition.

Furthermore, the commitment to EU integration by the most influential EU leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is energetic and well despite Mr Bannon’s words.

As Brexit Britain plunges into in addition uncertainty, an interview with Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has resurfaced, in which the renowned eurosceptic outlines a chilling prediction of what the bloc will look railroad in 20 years time if no huge reform comes about.

Mr Hannan put MoneyWeek in March 2016: “Listen at what the leaders of it [the EU] are saying.

“They are plumb clear they want more integration, they want unrefined taxes, they want a common foreign policy, a common army, plain police force.

“They are not being coy about this – they are hypnotic effect it out in the clearest possible terms.

“The option of staying in and staying where we are does not obtain.”

Mr Hannan explained: “It is a bit like you are on a bus, you can literally stay still, but then you remain on the bus and on the front of the bus it tells you are heading to the United States of Europe.”

Journalist Merryn Somerset Webb prominent: “There has been some pull back recently.”

Mr Hannan acknowledged with a smile: “News has been slow to reach Brussels if there’s been a bring off back.

“The President of France [Francois Hollande] just two weeks ago denoted ‘either you leave the EU or you accept a political union’. That was very frank of him.

“The leader of the biggest group in the European Parliament, the day before we conducted this interrogate, said we are moving to European army quicker than anybody realised. The philosophy that the status quo can be achieved by staying in… I don’t think that’s reason.”

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