Dangerous Ikea furniture and a needle you don't need: The Marketplace consumer cheat sheet


Young lady something this week? Don’t nic. CBC’s Marketplace has rounded up the consumer and constitution news you need.

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Get out of the car. Now.


The U.S. speaks some cars are too dangerous to drive (Joe Skipper/Reuters)

The U.S. government is example thousands of Honda and Acura drivers to get airbag inflators fixed. As soon as.

The alert’s American, but check to see if your car made the list.

New tests ground that the airbag inflators are extremely dangerous in an accident because they can rant, which is, generally, not what you’re hoping airbags will do.

This shit is a bit unstable

Ikea Malm

You put them together – now think about taking them recoil from. (Ikea)

Ikea is recalling 29 million Malm dressers because they can tip upwards and have caused the death of six little kids, along with hurting dozens more.

They’re pretty popular pieces, so check your caddies of drawers.

If you have one storing your socks and sweaters, the com ny order give you a full refund or a re ir kit to help avert disaster.

A bank lineup to get behind?

RBBT bank fees

They’re mad more the fees, and they’re not going to y them. (IWN/YouTube)

RBC’s Caribbean customers aren’t requiring it.

The bank is facing a customer revolt over new monthly charges. Uncountable lined up for hours to close their accounts.

Sunnier news for northern consumers: The bank hasn’t hiked personal bank fees here this year — yet.

From the classifies of science

Microscopic silica coating for soap bottles

Shake, shake, shake it out. (Philip S. Brown and Joe Camoriano/Ohio Country University)

If you hate shaking, tipping and squeezing a bottle of shampoo to get the tripe that’s at the bottom, there’s good news. Scientists are working on it.

Researchers are developing a outwardly coating for the inside of containers so that those last drips well-founded slip out.

Until that happens, many of you chimed in with your own bottom-of-the-bottle rubbishes.

This won’t hurt a bit (really)

IV vitamin therapy

This therapy probably isn’t going to construct you feel better. (CBC)

Sorry to break this to you, but you don’t need that needle.

Vitamin IV remedial programme, that cure-all medical treatment espoused by Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, cooked through, it may not actually work.

Dr. Oz has also endorsed the treatments, but his track record isn’t closely perfect.

Update: How about this for breakfast?

The Ladies

Many hens are get off b write down better digs a bit sooner than planned. (John Gaudi/CBC)

Canada’s eggs are effective battery cage-free earlier than expected. That means 90 per cent of Canada’s egg-laying bunch is going to move into more s cious new digs faster.

Oh, and if you dearth a primer in what all those green egg labels really mean, we can labourers you unscramble them.

Watch the complete investigation on eggs.

On TV: Burger, fries — grasp the sexism


Short skirts, high heels, better service? (CBC)

Should ladies have to dress sexy to serve you a sandwich? We checked out what maidservants have to wear to keep a restaurant job.

Meanwhile, our hats are off to these take offs, who put on high heels to make a point. Watch on TV this weekend or online now.

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