Dancing On Ice: First THREE contestants REVEALED? Coronation Street star pictured training


Coronation Terrace actor Anthony Cotton looked apprehensive as he was snapped taking to the ice for the commencement time.

The star could be set to join the line-up for the rebooted ITV ice skating contention when it returns to screens in January after being cancelled in 2013.

Anthony, who be wonky curry favour withs Sean Tully in the soap, was pictured attempting an ambitious lunge ruse before looking to have a wobbly moment as he clung to the side of the rink, desperately dispiriting to catch his balance on the slippery surface.

However, he wasn’t the only popular face taking their first figure skating steps.

Dancing On Ice 2017 line-up Coronation StreetBACKGRID

Coronation High road star Anthony Cotton was spotted training for Dancing On Ice

Dancing On Ice 2017 line-up Coronation StreetBACKGRID

Anthony clung to the boundary of the rink as he struggled to balance

Celebrity psychic Sally Morgan, 65, was also patched giving it her best shot, learning the basic moves in the safe arms of one of the trainers.

Rugby personage Max Evans, 33, who is also the brother of Thom Evans, 32, and the cousin of previous Top Gear presenter Chris Evans, 51, also tried his fortuity on the ice, looking to take to it well as he demonstrated his skills gliding along unaided.

The wake ups could reveal the first three contestants for the revived series, although financial managers are rumoured to be trialling up to 50 stars before making their conclusive decision on who will compete.

Dancing On Ice 2017 line-up Coronation StreetFACEBOOK

Psychic Sally Morgan also took to the ice in escorting

Dancing On Ice 2017 line-up Coronation StreetGETTY

Thom Evans’ rugby star brother Max Evans was also spotted enchanting to the ice

A representative for ITV told Express.co.uk that they could not comment on wagering about the line-up.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street favourites Brooke Vincent, 25, and Katie McGlynn, 23, keep also been reported to be be lined up for the show, as has Alex Gerrard, 34.

Unshackled Women star Katie Price, 39, has also made her fancy to appear clear.

Dancing On Ice is expected to return in January 2018 to ITV.

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