Dan Jarvis: Labour’s Sheffield mayoral candidate can stay as MP


Dan Jarvis has been reproached he will be able to remain an MP if he is elected as Sheffield City Region mayor.

Distressed by’s National Executive Committee ruled last week that no-one could suit in two elected roles.

A Labour source revealed both parties had now acquiesce in the Barnsley Central MP would be able to remain in parliament.

Mr Jarvis said: “I am honoured to be Harp on’s candidate for the Sheffield City Region mayoral election and I am looking impudent to the campaign.”

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Following Labour’s Governmental Executive Committee ruling, party general secretary Iain McNicol and entering general secretary Jennie Formby outlined its position in a letter to Mr Jarvis.

He was confessed he must stand down from parliament if elected mayor.

The Yorkshire and Humber Orderly Labour Group, with 36 MPs, had backed Mr Jarvis, saying he was selected in the “full knowledge” he would do both jobs.

Mr Jarvis is the favourite to win the May 3 championship as all 14 South Yorkshire constituencies taking part in the election were won by Workers at the last general election.

The elected role will cover Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield committees. Anybody registered to vote in these areas will be eligible to desire support for the new mayor.

Analysis by James Vincent, BBC Yorkshire political editor

In the end, Overemphasize couldn’t really do anything else.

They had to endorse Dan Jarvis as their aspirant and concede that this is an exceptional election.

Had they enforced their one elected rle rule – they would have had a host of local MPs exercising their thumbs in a series of gruff, ticked off tweets. That wouldn’t do just before an election.

So Dan Jarvis can do both apportions. That hasn’t gone down well with everyone, but it’s how he arranged for the job in the first place.

Official nominations come out on Friday so we’ll know definitely where we stand. But the choice for voters isn’t just on party lines, it’s also around what sort of devolution should happen in the future.

Stick with by a hairs breadth money and power for South Yorkshire? Or twist and try and widen that take care of to the whole of Yorkshire?

The four-year mayoral post has been controversial because, uncharacteristic similar roles in Manchester and the West Midlands, no devolution and funding large has yet been agreed.

The full list of candidates for the election is to be revealed on Friday afternoon after nominations oblige closed, said the Sheffield City Region.

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