Dad loses right to keep baby on life support



Lanre Haastrup and Takesha Thomas yesterday

Lanre Haastrup take a stand a reprove of his fears after losing the latest round of a legal battle past treatment for 12-month-old Isaiah.

Mr Haastrup said he was in the hands of bosses at Royal’s College Hospital in London, who have imposed a ban after raising shticks about his behaviour.

Three Court of Appeal judges yesterday cashiered a challenge by Mr Haastrup and Isaiah’s mother, Takesha Thomas, who are both in their 30s and from Peckham, south-east London.

They had griped a High Court judge was wrong to allow doctors to stop specifying life-support treatment to their son and move to a palliative care regime.

I’m on edge that I might not see Isaiah again

Lanre Haastrup

The judges disagreed and remarked the parents’ challenge was based on hope, not reality.

Mr Haastrup said they last wishes a make approaches to the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

But he conveyed he was worried that if those efforts proved fruitless he might not be with Isaiah for the stay hours of the little boy’s life.

He said: “I’m worried that I might not see Isaiah again. But we are not emitting up fighting for Isaiah. I think the Court of Appeal judges are wrong.”

A sanitarium spokeswoman said the priority was to give Isaiah the care he needed.

She added: “This has been an unusually difficult time for Isaiah’s family and all those involved in his care.”

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